Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is one of the most clever and philosophically deep shonen series there is, subverting a number of its tropes in favor of a story about war crimes, the price of ambition, the cycle of life and death, and much more. After leaving the train, they talked about Hohenheim's sons and what they had been doing when Izumi's internal injuries caused her to cough up blood. For a moment, Ed found it hard to meet Izumi's gaze, because he had a feeling that his and Al's motives were the most ultimately selfish of all. The boys stayed for supper and regaled Izumi, Sig, and Mason with tales of their travels—including their experience in Rush Valley helping to deliver a baby, which Izumi said softly was a good experience to have. But when Al mysteriously vanished, Izumi, Sig, and Mason investigated around town to find the armor boy's whereabouts, only to learn that he had been kidnapped and taken to a shady nearby bar called the Devil's Nest, where a new local gang has been holding court. Confused by this, Izumi questioned him further, to which Edward finally asked if the child that Izumi transmuted truly her own child. See also: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. "I-Izumi?" At the age of 18 years old, she ventured outside the country. She was seen transmuting alchemic spikes to shoot and even collapsing a full column on him, both to little avail. Gained immortality as a result, but his body also became the container of half the country's now-dead population's souls. I guess Izumi never brought it up because her experience with human transmutation is a deep personal pain that she really hates to verbalize it. Question on Scar's Brother and Human Transmutation (SPOILERS) So I've been re-watching the original FMA and I can't help but notice that even though Scar's brother did human transmutation to create Lust he doesn't seem to lose anything. Tenzin attempted to push Izumi towards Bumi,Aang's son who also did not possess Bending. My point is, if the boys had ever shown the slightest interest (or just in case) as she knows the loss they're feeling), she should have told them or warned them with her story saying it happened to someone else. Like Hohenheim, Ed, and Izumi (and later Al), she can transmute without a circle, completing complex transmutations just by clapping her hands. How did she never see the boys whispering and threaten them into telling her the truth? Please Note: This plot summary is condensed for purposes of easy reading. Izumi stormed the gang's basement stronghold, deftly trouncing just about all of the members (and scolding Al for letting his guard down so easily) before coming across the gang's boss—a stylish man by the name of Greed. The next day, Ed, Al, and Izumi stepped outside to talk. With the boys in tow, Izumi and Sig returned to Dublith and made arrangements for their test. By Hannah Grimes Aug 30, 2020 The cast of Fullmetal Alchemist is colorful, incredibly varied, and typically hard to fully understand at first glance even if they might seem somewhat one-dimensional. On a trip through the Eastern region of Amestris several years later, Izumi and Sig stopped in the small town of Resembool where torrential rains had caused the river to overflow and threaten to flood the village. As his name would suggest Wrath would often go into violent outbursts. There are many instances in the anime that have no significant bearing on the overall plot which does not appear in this summary.Edward and Alphonse Elric—more commonly known as Ed and Al—are teenage Alchemists with a tragic past. Reunited with Edward, Alphonse, Hohenheim, and a newly-captured Mustang, the five humans were forced into once again opening The Gate of Truth under Father's behest. Realizing that they had attempted human transmutation Izumi tells the Elrics that she had also broke the taboo to bring back her baby who died during childbirth. Arriving at Central Command, she encountered the Armstrong siblings, who have been struggling in their battle against Sloth. Trusting the Briggs Troops for the coming events, Izumi and Sig were taken by them to the Armstrong mansion, where they were to hide under orders of Olivier Mira Armstrong until Mustang's uprising in Central City. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Wrath is a boy ranging from twelve to thirteen-years-old, has pale skin, excluding his left leg and right arm, which belonged to Ed previously; violet eyes with slit pupils and shaggy black hair growing past the shoulders in back and growing down over the sides of the face, all the way to his collarbone in the front. Izumi attacked Ed and there he used Alchemy with no circle, revealing what she already knew. Izumi was born in Japan under the Fire Nation and Firelord Zuko. In their travels they fight against the evil Homunculi. I wanted to know if you were willing to place someone else's good before your own—and you did." At first she didn't seem to understand, but in an instant after, she understood Edward's meaning, and hung up the phone immediately. Izumi did not look back, but her shoulders tensed, her left hand gripping the doorpost tightly. Before her death caused by returning Health Problems. He urged Izumi to forgo her urge to fight and bring Ed to the Devil's Nest for negotiations upon his return. Some of her internal organs … When she returned in a month, Izumi was pleasantly surprised to find the boys not only in great shape, but having properly understood her alchemical creed. Izumi is a grown woman of the slender yet well-toned figure and tall height. The core difference between the two anime is how liberally they adapt the manga. Izumi Curtis (イズミ・カーティス)is a master alchemist, skilled martial artist and eventual Firelord. Illumi is most often expressionless. Izumi was the teacher of both Edward and Alphonse Elric in the anime Fullmetal Alchemist. However, when she attacked Greed, she discovers—at the cost of her finger bones—that his body was rather strange, covering itself with a thin coating of nigh unbreakable armor when attacked. Realizing this, the boys consulted Izumi openly about ways to restore their bodies and she posited that Alphonse may have learned a great deal more from his sojourn into the Gate than either Edward or herself because Al gave his entire physical form as a toll rather than just a body part. This message ran through a trusted network of informants all across the country to reach Roy Mustang himself. When Edward was eleven years old, and Alphonse only ten, the brothers tried to bring their dead mother back to life. After the death of their mother, Ed and Al were cared for by Izumi for about a year (Ed was 10 when they stated, and 11 when they did the first human transmutation) while she taught them alchemy's finer points. That means that Bones, the animation studio behind Fullmetal Alchemist, had only a fragment of the ultimately 27-v… Ed arrived soon afterward and Izumi delivered Al and Greed's message, staying behind while Ed went alone to "negotiate". She demanded immediately to know by what means Edward saw the Gate of Truth, revealing to the boys her own experience with Human Transmutation and that she had known all along merely by observing them that their bodies had been mysteriously maimed. Izumi later called the hotel that Edward was staying in, having called Pinako earlier to get the number. After trying for a long time, they finally had a child, but it didn't survive childbirth. She also mentioned the irony behind the punishment she received along with Edward and Alphonse's, stating that the Truth was cruel, but just. Secretly leaving Sig's assistant, Mason, on the island to both watch over the boys' safety and make sure they honed their physical combat skills, Izumi departed for Dublith without them. Finding out that the wound where Hohenheim stabbed her was gone, he stated that he cannot bring back her organs because Truth took them, but he did manage to rearrange her damaged internal cavity in the most favorable arrangement possible. Izumi and Sid, her husband, couldn't have children. When Alphonse revealed that Hohenheim was the boys' long-lost father, Izumi perceived it as a great chance for them in more ways than one, but Edward angrily refused to accept help from Hohenheim, the subject was dropped save for Izumi's addition that Hohenheim had mentioned something about his lifelong dream soon coming true. After the massive transmutation, the Homunculus returned in a body which "harnesses the power of God", and Izumi (along with the remaining rest) unleashed their combined efforts in taking him down. She saw her own loss and pride and belief that anything was possible in them. She has fair skin, sharp dark eyes, and upper back-length black hair often worn in box braids tied in a ponytail. And even if they never slipped up the entire time, it's one of the three rules of alchemy. In great fury, Izumi assaulted him and knocked him unconscious, setting out to continue her alchemy training on her own. He departed, leaving the offer on the table and causing Izumi to wonder concernedly why the Commander-in-Chief would come to personally deal with such a trivial matter. Eventually, Izumi grew to love them as deeply as she would her own children, becoming a long-term source of guidance and support for the Elrics' future endeavor. By the time it ended in October 2004, a year later exactly, eight volumes had been published. When Izumi told him to just say it, Edward asked if she remembered about her failed attempt to transmute her child, which she said that she did and that she wouldn't ever forget it, recalling the event. When she asked what this was about, Edward revealed to her how their 'mom' that Edward and Alphonse had transmuted was not truly their mother. While there, Izumi was approached by two small boys named Edward and Alphonse Elric, who asked to be taken on as her alchemy apprentices. Izumi chose to travel. Izumi paid a heavy price for this attempt, losing several of her internal organs, and the transmutation did not have the desired result. Izumi then fearfully asked Hohenheim what he was, to which he replied he's just a person named Van Hohenheim - the Human Philosopher's Stone. But when Ed and Al showed off their improved transmutation skills, Izumi was shocked to see Edward perform alchemy without a circle. After reprimanding the boys for becoming lapdogs of the State Military and letting their training slacken, she explained that the Stone never interested her and therefore did not become a focus of her study, but also stated that she had met an alchemist in Central City recently who had known a great deal about it—an alchemist by the name of Van Hohenheim. But it still has time for cool action scenes. He wore long sleeves with a shirt underneath, as well as gray pants. “Who could have been so important that you’d risk your life to bring them back? Th… Izumi left reluctantly, threatening to personally annihilate Greed and his men if Alphonse was harmed in any way. I'm positive they had a lesson on that. Fulfilling her promise, Izumi accepted them into her tutelage, instructing them in both alchemy and martial arts for six months before deeming them knowledgeable enough to return home and continue practicing on their own. After this, Hohenheim presumably informed them both of everything that had been happening in the country, including the Promised Day as well as the Nationwide Transmutation Circle, and the Curtises head north. Human transmutation really involves transmuting live humans, not bringing back the dead. You know how dangerous human transmutation is, why it’s forbidden. Here are some facts about this tough, yet kind alchemist. She watched in horror as Father created humans from the souls of the long dead Xerxesians, becoming sick at the sight of a baby crawling towards her. They would’ve been able to create a body using these. Wrath is often a crybaby and a bit of a brat. Van Hohenheim - Brought through the Gate as a result of the activation of the Nationwide Transmutation Circle around the nation of Xerxes. Even in a hypothetical sense so they could get a few steps closer. When she asked what this was about, Edward revealed to her how their 'mom' that Edward and Alphonse had transmuted was not truly their mother. She was succeeded by her adopted son Iroh II, allegedly a Humunculi. So why did you do it?” Izumi glared poisonously at him and tried to pull away. Yeah, Izumi could win if she figured out Toph's blindness. Learning about the practice of Alchemy, and that she was one of the few that could learn and perform it, she entered in Germany to formally learn alchemy as an apprentice to the famed alchemist, Silver Steiner. Wrath is shown to be cruel sometimes, wanting to take everything Edward Elric has, including his body. She decided to intervene on behalf of the frantic villagers, thus transmuting a large earthen dam to corralling the overflow with ease. After the month was up, Izumi ventured back into town and declared to Steiner that she was now fit to be his alchemy apprentice. How did Izumi not know what they were planning. She should've realized that without proper guidance, they were also going to repeat her mistakes. the two however could not stand each other. In her time there, Izumi would eventually come to forge her own theoretical belief of "One is All, All is One", an alchemical concept of the Universe. She would eventually return to Japan to succeed Zuko as Firelord. In the two or three years they lived with and worked with Izumi, how did this never come up. Asking his wife if she was alright, Izumi maintained that she is fine, and that she can actually breathe better. Izumi eyes were filled with emotion as she saw the basket that she had placed her son in during the beginning of the transmutation. Requiring automail repairs in Rush Valley and further information in Central City, Ed, and Al left Dublith the next morning. Eventually, the two became closer, got married and moved to the southern town of Dublith. Her eyes went dark as she stared at the grieving image of her husband bent over child who had only known the shortest, most painful of existences. In the scenes in both series where the brothers bring up childbirth and Izumi gets noticeably distant, quiet, and melancholy. She lacked Fire Bending and was ostracized by Fire Benders outside her own family. You were the girl who did the human transmutation at seven years old. And she is their teacher, did they never ask about it? The clapping is only necessary if one does not use a transmutation circle. After comforting them and lamenting that they made the same mistake that she did, Izumi expelled them both from her tutelage for directly disobeying her prohibition of Human Transmutation. This entry should be considered non Canon. Also that she had done just the same. It may be inferred from this that she is a self-taught, yet extremely skilled and knowledgeable, alchemist. Eventually, Sloth had the Armstrongs against the wall, but then Izumi and Sig Curtis arrived just in time. Izumi braved the elements, nearly dying several times from the extreme cold, wild animal attacks, and assaults from Briggs Mountain Patrol. Though hating being called \"old\", Izumi is rather youthful for being in her middle age.Izumi normally wears a long white-collared, button-up blouse that reveals her cleavage of flowing backside, form-fitting grey pants r… List of Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, Timeline Part 9: The Postwar Era(1946 C.E. ), https://chaos-fiction.fandom.com/wiki/Izumi_Curtis?oldid=8333. Alphonse explains that Greed was a Homunculus—much to Izumi's incredulity—and that the man wants to make a deal with the Elrics to help them fashion a body in exchange for information about Al's Soul Binding. She was silent for a long moment, and Winry was strangely glad the look on her face was hidden. The Promised Day and The Fourth Human Sacrifice, Timeline Part 1: Prehistory(Before 3000 B.C.E.). Although Izumi is an incredibly capable alchemist, she also still believes in the value of doing things with one's own hands, if that's still a possible option.It's unsure if this is something that she's always staunchly believed, or if this is a belief system that she developed after her rebound with human transmutation. This is the case for Izumi Curtis and Edward Elric initially, being the only ones to … When Izumi told him to just say it, Edward asked if she remembered about her failed attempt to transmute her child, which she said that she did and that she wouldn't ever forget it, recalling the event. Azula returned to the Fire Nation, upon the resignation of Firelord Zuko and would hold the position from 1917-1926, ruling during the war with Kuvira. Wrath (Japanese:ラース, Rāsu) is a young Homunculus created by Izumi Curtis in an attempt to revive her son. Though was captured, the rumor of a mysterious "mountain woman" raiding Fort Briggs would continue to circulate in the region for nearly twenty years. When she stated that Edward found something out, Edward answered that he confirmed that a dead person could never be returned no matter what, which made Izumi understand that Alphonse was alive somewhere, which meant that he could be restored. "Y-yes.." You were shaking, wondering what would happen next. I get that it wouldn't be something they'd announce on day one as it is illegal, but it still should've come up sooner or later. That night, when the Elrics return from battling Greed and his men with the help of a Southern military platoon led by Major Armstrong and the Führer, King Bradley himself, Bradley complimented Izumi's skills as an alchemist and teacher and offered her a place in the State Alchemist program, which she politely refused. Of course, the expulsion rendered the Elric brothers her colleagues rather than students, opening a new relationship for the three alchemists. When the boys and Izumi tried to transmute a human, they used the fundamental chemical building blocks of a person - iron, carbon, hydrogen yadda yadda. After they explained how they used her instruction in an attempt to resurrect their dead mother which rebounded, taking Ed's left leg and right arm, as well as Alphonse's body as toll, and then joined forces with the State Military so as to receive access to restricted alchemical documents which may someday lead to their own restoration. Above her left breast is a Flamel tattoo. She'd known since the moment the Truth had dragged her to the Void. When Edward answered her after being called by him earlier, Izumi explained that she researched her own and her husband's lineage, and further explained that when she transmuted her child, she had used her blood, her husband's hair, and her deceased child's bones. Izumi chose to … When the first Fullmetal Alchemist series aired in October 2003, five volumes of the manga had been released, with the sixth arriving later that month. She lacked Fire Bending and was ostracized by Fire Benders outside her own family. the two however could not stand each other. In the case of Ed and Al they paid with their bodies/body parts. No, Ed will not be able to use alchemy again. The Five Human Sacrifices are: 1. Grateful for her help, the people of Resembool town offered the couple a place to rest when her illness began acting up. To Alex's shock, Sloth was still moving, stubbornly persisting in the face of inevitable death. When Curtis said that Edward stood up again, despite having lost the leg he stood on, Izumi believed that Edward might defeat even the Truth one day. He initially wore rags made from transmutated leaves, but was later given regular clothes by Izumi Curtis and later, is giv… However, the shocked man learned of his misunderstanding and told her that he was Gold Steiner—the older brother of Silver Steiner, who had died several years before— and that he was known for hand-to-hand combat instead of alchemy. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Izumi later received a call from Edward, who spoke to her, at first vaguely regarding how what he was about to ask will hurt her, and if she didn't want to answer, she could hang up the phone, and even sever their teacher-student relationship (though Edward corrected himself in saying that she already did that before). When Edward attempted to apologize, she declined it, saying that it was a punishment for stepping into a territory she shouldn't have been in. When the boys and Izumi tried to transmute a human, they used the fundamental chemical building blocks of a person - iron, carbon, hydrogen yadda yadda. Accepting that her 'perfect' theory was also a failure, as she had still believed that she had just been missing something for the transmutation back then, Izumi somewhat humorously stated that she as the master lost face to her student for that. Amestris-Germany(residents), Elric Brothers(students), Gold Steiner(Teacher). Iirc Al regains this memory some time in the beginning of season two, when Greed is hunted down and Al winesses the death of the chimeras. "I can see right through you. Fullmetal Alchemist is an anime about two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, who are out to find the Philosopher's Stone to restore Al's body and Ed's arm and leg, which they lost in an attempt to bring back their mother. Roy’s shoulder felt as if it was being wrenched out of it’s socket, but he held on tight to Izumi’s wrist. "I can't lose them both," the teacher replied softly, and disappeared into the house. Soon after this, Izumi is spontaneously teleported away from her husband and allies to an underground lair - a move on Father's part to gather the five Human Sacrifices (humans who have survived opening The Gate) for his final task. - 1963 C.E. Once there, Izumi intentionally let herself be captured by northern troops to inform a "trusted Ishvalan man" and a "large man with a Mohawk" of the Promised Day. Just as Alphonse was thankful to Edward to find out that they weren't forced to kill their mother a second time, Izumi was overcome with relief that she hadn't put her child through so much suffering a second time, crying from having been saved from the guilt that had been weighing on her all this time, once again recalling how the child she transmuted had died, and how she received the punishment that she deserved. One day, Izumi bumped into a young Sig Curtis while dropping a bear she was carrying, which he picked up. But when Alphonse revealed that he has absolutely no recollection of seeing the Gate or the Truth, Izumi suggested that trauma-induced amnesia may be to blame and consulted a doctor acquaintance while the boys make themselves at home in the Curtis household. It was small and bundled up, but Izumi did not need to lift her head in order to figure out that the transmutation hadn't worked. Based largely on an April Fools Joke. Though she usually doesn't take on students, she accepted Edward and Alphonse Elric's plea to taking them on as her apprentices and instructed them in both alchemical theory and martial arts for six months. Izumi and Sig were on a train and once again encountered her students' father, Van Hohenheim. I realize this is a truly painful memory for her and it wouldn't have been easy, but these were her students. There, Izumi was told that she wouldn't be accepted as Steiner's apprentice unless she survived for one month alone on the fearsome Briggs mountain range with nothing but a machete. 2. He has very long, jet black hair, usually combed behind his head as well as large, black, pupil-less eyes. "Teacher" "A Housewife" "An Alchemist",Firelord Izumi, Firelord Zuko(Father), Sig Curtis(Husband), Deceased Child, Iroh II(Son), Azula(Grandmother). Chaos Fiction Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. She pulled you into a tight hug, almost scaring you. If Izumi throws a spear at her while jumping she'd be dead as hell. Izumi realizes that the Elric brothers attempted human transmutation by their movements during hand-to-hand combat training. Now the whole group sat on the table, the brothers waiting for an explanation. Such a thought did not seem to occur to Al. Unlike most of her family, she did not possess Firebending Abilities. Eventually, Father was forced to retreat, and Izumi was quick to follow. Along with Sig, Alex and Olivier, the four faced off against the Homunculus, who is eventually impaled and killed. When the Promised Day arrived, and the battle began, Izumi along with Briggs' forces stormed through the city wreaking havoc. It was reconstructed back to … Though refusing first, she acquiesced a bit upon learning that the two boys were orphaned, thus instead offering a trial period in which to prove their worth as apprentices before making her final decision. She took the Elric brothers to Yock Island, gave them a large knife and informed them that they were to survive on the island alone for one month without the use of alchemy, all the while trying to decipher the meaning to her creed "All is One, One is All".