The PreferenceScreen object should be at the top of the preference hierarchy. For the other, the share count is 2000. There are a large number of example preferences shown in the preference.xml example. Fourth Preference: The brothers or sisters of a U.S. citizen. First Preference: Priority workers. The visas allotted for these categories are subject to annual numerical limits. Do you prefer hot coffee or ice coffee? "Even though son-preference is not rational from the viewpoint of society as a whole, it is a rational choice for an individual," says Li. John : Let's go out tonight. First not that you have to create a to specifying the hierarchy. However, the priority date cannot be ported from a family-based preference classification to an employment-based preference classification, or vice versa. A preference ballot is a ballot in which the voter ranks the choices in order of preference. Example A vacation club is trying to decide which destination to visit this year: Hawaii (H), Orlando (O), or Anaheim (A). Strong Son Preference Among Men Data from the 2000 and 2003 poll show that women have a nearly equal preference for a boy or a girl, yet men chose a boy 2.5 times more often. The coupon rate paid by the company for this redeemable preference shares is … (food, dietary) " He was harassed for his sexual preferences … For example, if a lawful permanent resident files an F2A petition for his spouse and later becomes a U.S. citizen, the F2A approval can be converted into an immediate … Sample 3: I am looking for a soulmate, who is understanding, down to earth, lives and enjoys every moment of life, who will be my best friend for life.. " She has a clear preference for tall men. " You can use some common phrases and expressions below to express your preferences: Questions about preferences: Which do you prefer, football or volleyball? Examples of personal preference in a sentence, how to use it. Employment Visa Preferences. (clear, strong, definite, slight) " My individual preference is to work alone. " He should be caring, loving, understanding, tall, fair, handsome and well educated. EXPRESSING PREFERENCE . Which do you like better, tea or coffee? One of them is 4000 in the count of shares. Mary: That's a good idea. PREFER: + Noun +TO + Noun : I prefer coffee to tea + -ING Form + TO + ING Form : I prefer skiing to swimming.= to talk about general preferences + TO Infinitive + RATHER THAN + Bare Infinitive : I prefer to eat fish rather than (eat) meat to talk about general preferences WOULD PREFER + TO … As you an see from the xml and running the example that another PreferenceScreen in the … Sample 4: I am looking for a person who is ready to share my responsibility and happiness. Men's Responses, Gallup Poll in 2000 and 2003 - I argue that… In the example depicted here, there are two sets of redeemable preference shares. The coupon rate paid by the company for this redeemable preference shares is 10%. Would you prefer to … (individual, personal, first, second) " The survey revealed consumer preferences. " A visa becomes available to a preference category based on the priority date (the date the Form I-130 was filed). Second Preference: Members of the professions who hold advanced degrees, or persons … There are many ways to talk about your preferences in English. Third Preference: The married sons or daughters, any age, of a U.S. citizen. 25 examples: These choices are not always matters of personal preference. Preference categories are grouped as follows: First preference: Unmarried, adult sons and daughters of U.S. citizens (adult means 21 … (consumer, customer, user, voter) " Her picky child has food preferences. " Here are some examples of short conversations that use would rather and would prefer to either state or ask for a preference. The citizen must be age 21 or older. !!