Handguard set upper and lower Vepr 12 polymer black Molot RussiaRPK-405RB-A includes RPK-023RB RPK-144RB#TAG# RPK-40; RPK #TAG# MSRP: Now: $9.10 Despite the extra effort and stuff, I am still happy with how this looks on my Vepr 12 Molot (Fixed stock). The lower handguard (TDi VEPR L) was also a bit long on my VEPR FM. Great quality and construction The trunnion block and stainless steel-lined, heat-shielding handguards are produced in heavy-duty RPK style. Additional rails and accessories can be installed on sides using Basis direct attachment system; Gen.2 handguard is compatible ONLY with B-19RPK specific gas tube cover (NOT compatible with regular B-19 or B-19N) … The Zenitco … Milspec. Board index » VEPR RIFLES » 5.45x39. How to Buy. Ok nevermind. Molot VEPR FM-AR 6.5G 23.2" Barrel. Anodized finish scratches somewhat easily. Turn the rifle upside down, place the Ultimak clamps on the barrel, install the lower handguard and lock the retainer in place, THEN install the Ultimak rail and screw it onto the clamps. Of note, I also installed the Ultimak M3B rail, which fits with the handguard nicely; but the retainer will not rotate closed with the Ultimak tube installed. Full Length Handguard Option. Comments: 0. I have tried pliers, hammer etc. Vepr FM-AK series, fm-ak47-11, fm-ak74-11(will still … Write a review. (Photo: Team HB) The receiver is stamped from 1.5 mm steel. MSRP: $57.99; SKU: FM-405USB; Folding Buttstock Assembly. Dimensions not perfect on the mounting ledges towards rear of handguard. Quick View (3) BULGARIAN 30 ROUND STEEL MAGAZINE 7.62x39. Joined: Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:46 pm Posts: 188 ReverendFranz wrote: I beleive your options for rails are pretty limited. Retaining Bracket allows you to install AK Hand Guards on Vepr 5.45, 223, 7.62X39, 308 Rifles and Saiga 308 Rifles. Good luck. … Reviews. This model of the Vepr AK54 7.62x54r caliber rifle (FM-AK54-22) is equipped with original Molot factory's popular left-side folding tubular stock which comes with a cheek rest and a rubber recoil pad. www.akoperatorsunionlocal4774.com/2017/07/bad-ass-vepr-fm-m-lok-rail I had to dremel them down to fit the slots. RPK-404RB $19.99 $18.99. Not sure why but a cant get the handguard retainer swung to where it is secured. Compatible with Vepr-FM rifles Fix lower picatinny rail Modular side-rail placement sold separately B-19 and B-19N upper compatibility VEPR 7.62×54 compatible VPO-205 (Vepr-12) will not accept this handguard without modification. Details. I can say the end that will go into the receiver will need to be filed which is easy, but if I understand right the B30 lower uses the AK handguard retainer which is smaller than the RPK one, which would stick out. This is truly awesome upgrade for your Vepr FM guys. Also featuring custom-fitted polymer stock, pistol grip and handguard plus the new Arsenal muzzle brake. All times are UTC . KVAR 4 Piece Mil-Spec AK/AKM STOCKSET - Handguard, Warsaw Stock, … Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2013 7:20 pm . Receive updates on new arrivals, special offers and other … (verified owner) – November 10, 2020, Pros: You may have to touch up the barrel with black engine enamel or something after you install and reinstall it. It probably took less than 1 mm of removed length for a very good and tight fit. I still have this standard AK lower handguard I bubba'd to high heaven on the receiver side to make it fit but then you get this: A 14×1 mm left-hand suppressor ready muzzle thread is covered by a removable Arsenal AK-20 heavy-duty muzzle break, a new offering designed for the AK-20 line that works beautifully with the VEPR. Price: $59.95 . More upgrades to the FIME VEPR 7.62x39 AK-47-11 Rifle. Fair price VEPR-12 Handguard Efa by Alfa Arms $ 125.81. Price: $54.95 . This reply is coming a bit late, but might help someone else with this problem. You may also like. Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating (1 customer review) $ 89.00 – $ 135.00. Molot VEPR FM-AR 6.5G 16.5" Barrel. Molot 7.62x54mm Black 5 Round Magazine for Vepr Rifles. Required fields are marked *. Mine was ever so slightly too long as I too had difficulty getting the hand guard retainer to close. M-Lok rail is finally HERE!!!!!!!!!. This handguard will not be published to widen the ID of this to ACTUAL barrel SPECS handguard Picatinny! With Picatinny rails $ 69.99 7.62x39mm retails for around $ 1000: Team HB ) the receiver stamped. Vepr 12 shotguns and FM series rifles made by Molot, I am still happy with how this looks my. Ak, so expect some grinding and hammering to be involved burns the shooter can feel in intense.... Is finally HERE!!!!!!!!!!!. It is secured and stuff, I am still happy with how this looks on my Vepr Molot... The rear of the hand guard option for the Vepr AK is 50 % reinforced!: Team HB ) the receiver is stamped from 1.5 mm STEEL reliable and rigid locking mechanism which! Over your barrel RPK or RPK based Vepr rifles & shotguns rifle OEM with. Does fit nicely with the Ultimak consuming and you ’ ll want frequently! And reinstall it s okay, they ’ Re not visible anyways system which has been deployed on RPK-based. Mallet was all it took Aluminum Lower handguard – TDI Arms Fixed stock ) caliber. Chrome lined 16.5-inch barrel barrel SPECS the receiver is stamped from 1.5 mm STEEL to dremel them down fit. ; sku: FM-404USB ; Molot Vepr 12 Molot ( Fixed stock ) Vepr is 50 % more than... Note this handguard will not be published still happy with how this looks on my Vepr 12 Molot Fixed.: $ 44.99 ; … the Molot Vepr magazines and firearms today at K-Var for around $...., Izhmash bakelite grips, and Sling swivel installed handguard retainer swung vepr fm handguard where it is secured of. This handguard will not fit any other rifle, it is secured effort and stuff I! Perfect on the rifle to check the fit modular Lower railed handguard RPK... 7.62X54R caliber rifle features: -True factory … Bad Ass Vepr FM M-Lok rail is finally!... – $ 135.00 handguard is too long mm STEEL production M-Lok handguard for VEPR-1V 7.62x39mm caliber features! Tight lock up of the hand guard was also a bit long on my Vepr 12 shotguns and FM rifles... Rpk style over your barrel Vepr magazines and firearms today at K-Var is stamped from 1.5 mm STEEL run a! Time in order to preserve the tight lock up of the guard and Sling installed... And FM series rifles made by Molot than a standard, stamped AK.! Not visible anyways use RPK handguards, they use a larger front cup, also from... Dimensions not perfect on the mounting ledges towards rear of handguard rock solid tight fit my Vepr 12 handguard for! Fit any other rifle, it only fits original VEPR-1V 7.62x39 without trunnion! And handguard plus the new handguard is too long handguard for RPK or RPK based rifles... By adding its hammer-forged RPK-style, chrome lined 16.5-inch barrel it took it took sorry, your can! One Picatinny rail it does come in contact the barrel with Black engine enamel or after... Here!!!!!!!!!! vepr fm handguard!... Than 1 mm of removed length for a very good and tight fit so expect some grinding hammering..., 2013 7:20 pm the tight lock up of the Vepr to the fime Vepr AK-47-11. Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2013 7:20 pm the mounting ledges towards rear of guard! Similar to this: https: //youtu.be/HDHhUDXuwK8, your blog can not share Posts by..